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Monkey Fist Lanyard

Monkey Fist Lanyard

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This is the perfect little lanyard to attach to anything. This Lanyard has the famous monkey fist knot on one end with a ½ inch chrome steel ball in it. They also come standard with a split ring on one end to make it easy to attach them to almost anything. 

They are perfect for knives, flashlights, emergency kits or anything else you can come up with to attach them to. They make it easy to pull things out of your pocket or backpack. If you buy multiples in different colors you can color code the things in your stuffed backpack as well as having a bit of military spec 550 Para Cord on you at all times.

  • Our small monkey fist lanyards are made out of about 6 feet of American made 550 para cord and all the parts of your lanyard are American made as well.
  • Our small monkey fist lanyards come standard with a small split ring.
  • Choose from one of the many colors of 550 para cord we have available.
  • These come in only one color, so that if you were to need to unravel it and use the cord in a survival situation you would have one solid piece of cord instead of two short pieces of cord.

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