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Fishtail Bracelet

Fishtail Bracelet

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Our Regular Fish Tail Bracelet is one of our most popular bracelets. It is made out of American made 550 Para cord. It is one tough piece of survival equipment! 

You will always have quality cord with you as long as you’re wearing one of our 550 para cord bracelets. They are great for everyday wear as well as with any adventure you might be going on. Next to a knife or fire starter, good quality cordage is a must have to aid in survival. And hay, with all the color options and combinations to choose from, you can support your favorite team or let your individual style shine through.

  • Our Regular Fish Tail Bracelets contain 11-14 feet of cord depending on your wrist size.
  • You can rest assure that all the parts that go into making your bracelet are made right here in America. Your bracelet is also hand woven right here in America.
  • You can choose between a plastic side release buckle, a stainless steel bow shackle or an adjustable stainless steel closure to secure your bracelet on your wrist.  All our bracelets come standard with the plastic side release buckle.
  • When measuring your wrist size make sure to take a tight measurement. We’ll add the extra slack you need.
  • We have a lot of colors that you can choose from and put into any combination you would like!
  • Don’t be afraid to use your bracelet in a survival situation! If you use it, just send us a picture of how you used your bracelet and your story, and we’ll send you a new bracelet for free, to use on your next adventure

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