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How do you unravel the bracelet when you're in a pinch?

First locate the two melted ends, located near one end of the bracelet. Push or pull them through the loops holding them in place. Then start unraveling your bracelet.

After I unravelled it in an emergency, how do I get my bracelet back into a bracelet?

Just send us a picture of how you used your bracelet, a short description of how you used it and $5 for shipping costs and we’ll send you a new one. If your cord is uncut and you would like, just send us the closure and the cord from your bracelet (that just saved you) and we’ll remake your bracelet with that same cord for you.

What is the working load rating on the stainless steel shackles?

The working load rating is 200lbs. This is a survival product that also looks really cool, but care must be taken around mechanical equipment, where your bracelet could potentially get caught and pose a risk to your hand or arm. We recommend either taking your bracelet off well working in these environments or ordering your bracelet with the plastic side release buckle.

How do I use the cord in my bracelet for survival?

First unravel your bracelet. You could use the cord as is to lash a knife to a stick to make a spear. If you need to build a shelter, cut both melted ends of the cord and pull out all the white strands of cord housed in the outer sheath. Now you will have plenty of cord to tie the frame of a shelter together. If you take one of the inner strands of cords and unravel it, you can now use it as fishing line. Just run the cord through the mud so that it will not stand out in the water as much. We recommend researching all the possible uses of 550 para cord before you’re in a survival situation. We will eventually be adding videos to help show possible uses for 550 para cord.

What makes 550 parachute cord better than other cords?

First of all it has a load rating of 550lbs. It can be “gutted” by pulling the 14 braided inner cords out which gives you much more cord available for survival. It is easy to carry a good amount of this quality cord on you at all times. It comes in many colors to suit your style. It is a cord that has many survival and everyday applications.

How do I clean my bracelet?

Fill your sink or bucket with cold water and use either a mild detergent or rope wash to clean your bracelet. Rinse in cold water. Hook the closure together so the bracelet forms a circle and let it air dry. You can also wear it as it dries. If it’s the first time your bracelet has gotten wet it may shrink up to ¼ of an inch. It shouldn’t shrink any further.

What if my bracelet is a little too big?

Place your bracelet in cold water for five minutes. Then, either put your bracelet on your wrist, or just latch the buckle or shackle so that the bracelet forms a circle. Let it air dry for 24 hours. If you need it shrunk further, repeat the process one more time. Bracelets will shrink up to ¼ of an inch if this is done. Your bracelet will not shrink any more after this is done.

What if I need to change my order?

Email customer service right away with your changes because we try to get orders fulfilled right away. In the subject heading write “change order request”. Make sure to give us your name, address and order number so that we can easily locate your order.

How do I measure my wrist and choose my size?

Measure your wrist by placing a flexible tape measure around your wrist and take an exact measurement of your wrist. We will add the slack needed for your bracelet. If you don’t own a flexible tape measure take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist and mark where it meets. Then stretch it out against a ruler or standard tape measure to get your wrist measurement.

What if my wrist size falls in between sizes?

Just order the next size up. If your wrist is 7 ¾ inches you would order an 8 inch bracelet.

What if I want to order a smaller size bracelet than is available?

Just place your order choosing the smallest size available and then e mail customer service right away with your order change. Make sure to place “change order request” in the subject section. Include your name, address, order number and any changes that need to be made.

Do you take custom orders or make custom products?

Yes, just e mail us at [email protected] and describe to us what it is that you’re looking for. We will get right back to you, and work with you, to design and create you’re custom product.